• Dominate Your Competitors!
  • Increase Your car count!
  • Increase Your Average Repair Order!
  • Grow Your Profits!
  • Only 1 Client Per Geographic area!
  • No Long term contracts!
  • Systems Also Work For Auto Body Shops, Tire Shops, Auto Detailers, Auto Glass Shops, & Even New & Used Auto Dealers!

See How We Can Increase Your Car Count!

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Do You Want To Increase Your Car Count?
Our Results Driven Systems are Trackable and Measurable and are Guaranteed To Increase Your Car Count and ROI. We Will Help You Dominate Your Competition!

Search Engine Optimization

We offer the most powerful SEO services on Earth to skyrocket your shop to the #1 spot in Google – Guaranteed!

Pay Per Click

Our highly targeted PPC campaigns generate high conversion rates and we generally eliminate about a 15% ad waste from your current budget.

Lead Generation

Our strategic sales funnels and advanced lead generation tactics are guaranteed to generate more customers for you.

Web Design

Our highly skilled web designers will design a site that meets your demands while maintaining an awesome user experience.

Connect With Us!

Why Choose Auto Repair Profit System?

We do not work with just any client. Our clients must meet a certain minimum set of criteria. Once we discover you meet this set of criteria we talk with you to get an idea of how you operate, what you want to accomplish, what your ideas are, and so forth.

We then take that information and implement a plan that accomplishes your goals while also achieving the highest ROI possible. I know, if you have talked to 6 other companies, all 6 of them have told you about the great results they will get you and the increased ROI. My question is- do they guarantee it?

Everyone promises it, but at the Auto Repair Profit System we GUARANTEE it! That’s right- if you don’t see results, or you’re not happy with our services for any reason at all we will give you a COMPLETE REFUND!

Overtake Google

Over 80% of consumers use Google as their preferred search tool. Over 90% of people never look past page 1. We can help you overtake page 1 of Google for even some of the toughest keywords using ethical, “white hat” search engine optimization strategies. And when we say overtake- we mean you can take over the whole page!

No Long Term Contracts

All of our services are on a “month to month” basis. Why should you continue to pay for something that you don’t want to or is not working for you?

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee you will see positive results, and if you don’t, or for any other reason under the sun, we will gladly refund 100% of your investment!

Monthly Reporting

Each month we review with you the current results, as well as keep you informed of any industry changes that you need to be made aware of that can affect your shop!

We Never Work With Your Competition

We only work with 1 shop per geographic area. So, you never have to worry about us working with your local competition at the same time!

We are Your Partner

We don’t want to be just “that” SEO agency, or marketing company that you “use.” We want to learn about you, your business, what’s important to you etc, and become a long term strategic partner to help you grow your business.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be given a dedicated account manager whom will be accessible to you. You won’t be “passed around” or unable to get you questions or concerns addressed!

We Will Grow Your Customer Base

Our strategies will not only help drive more qualified prospects to you, but will also help you convert more prospects!

Ethical Commitment

The Auto Repair Profit System upholds a commitment to honesty, integrity, loyalty, keeping our promise, being fair, respecting our clients, and being of the highest moral character!

Auto Repair Advertising!

Auto repair advertising is rapidly changing. What worked just a few short years ago no longer works. For that fact, what may have worked only a few short months ago no longer produces the same result. Many auto repair shop owners are struggling to increase their car count and average repair order. Years ago, auto repair advertising consisted of having a good reputation and some basic marketing like a yellow pages ad and maybe an ad in the area paper. Now we have things like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Mobile Sites, Pinterest, and the list goes on. While many of these new tools make it easier to do business, competition seems to be getting fiercer and profit margins are shrinking.

Why do some local shops have a two week waiting time for a customer to have their car looked at, while others in the same area can’t find enough customers? Could it be that one shop has better marketing ideas for auto repair? Could it be that they have a better auto repair advertising ideas? Could their advertising be just plain better? Well, all of these things could certainly play a part, but the short answer to the question is they have highly advanced, well thought out, auto repair marketing strategies working for them, that consistently drive new customers to them. The slightly longer answer to the question is, not only do they have the RIGHT systems working for them, but they have them working for them in the RIGHT place, and at the RIGHT time.

auto repair advertisingAs we mentioned just a minute ago, auto repair shop advertising ideas that used to work a few short years ago to attract new customers to a local car repair shop, is NOT what’s working well today. Likewise, many things that are working today, probably will not be working as well two years from now. When it comes to effective auto repair advertising, it’s all about what’s working TODAY, and “riding the tide” before it disappears. While having things like a website, a mobile web site, a phone app, etc, and investing in things like pay per click advertising (Google Adwords), direct mail, display ads, networking, etc are certainly important, this is NOT how most local auto repair shops are drastically increasing their car count in today’s environment. However, what they are doing, and what is working now in regards to the best auto repair advertising and increasing car counts is a fairly new strategy and technology that before now (due to cost), only the “top dogs,” or the companies with large advertising budgets could afford to have.

Our completely customized auto repair shop marketing strategies are developed exclusively for independent owners of local auto repair shops. So not only do we recognize you are on a budget, but we also know you have to “wear more than one hat,” and need many things “done for you.” We can generate a complete auto repair marketing campaign that will have your shop raising its car count in less than 60 days, and in many cases within just a few days!

Our proprietary systems, will have your shop be found by the majority of people who are looking for auto repair services within your market area. We will have prospects find your shop before they find your competition, and we will significantly increase the confidence the consumer has in doing business with you. This is some of the best auto repair marketing available today.

If you want to increase your car count, or your average repair order, you owe it to yourself to take 20 minutes and learn more about our custom solutions. This is not just a bunch of “auto repair shop marketing ideas,” but a complete “done for you” system to help you explode your car count. We look forward to meeting you!

The 5 Costliest Mistakes Auto Repair Shop Owners Make That Cost Lost Sales and Profits
and How To Quickly Avoid Them

Over time we have had the chance to work with numerous local Auto Repair Shops. We have worked with many very successful shops that grow year over year and have employed many successful auto repair marketing strategies. On the other hand, and unfortunately we have worked with some that waited too long to grab a lifeline, and eventually failed. Over time, we have identified 5 costly mistakes that cost auto repair shop owners lost sales and profits (and sometimes it costs them their business). If you are interested in discovering what these 5 mistakes are, and how to avoid them, request a free copy of the book below.

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