Auto Repair Shop Pay Per Click Marketing

Paid advertising programs like Google’s Adwords, or others such as Bing ,Yahoo!, Facebook etc, makes for very profitable auto repair marketing. It will allow your prospects to easily find your auto repair shop, while sticking to a specific budget that you set.

A successful auto repair shop pay per click marketing campaign gives auto repair shops the ability to design and control their campaign to meet their business needs. You can bid only the amount that you are willing to pay and there are many targeting options readily available. This allows for a lot of flexibility for your campaign, and most importantly allows for the tracking of each campaign so you can measure the performance of your advertising dollars.

Auto repair shop pay per click marketing is allows you to target your ads so that they can only be seen by a specific and qualified customer. The various targeting options include things like location targeting, language targeting, gender and age, keyword targeting, display time, and demographics targeting along with other targeting features, allows you to hone in on the audience that is most likely to become a paying customers.
pay per click for auto repair shops
There is no question that an auto repair shop pay per click marketing campaign is the quickest and one of the best ways of driving traffic to local auto repair shops. When you compare it with SEO campaigns, you will find out that pay per click marketing will make your advertisements appear on the search results pages as soon as the pay per click operation goes live- which often times is as little as a few hours. Pay per click marketing also allows you to control costs by having the ability to set daily and monthly budgets. You can decide on how much you want to pay for your ads, allowing you to stay within your budget, while still attracting new customers.

Auto repair shop pay per click marketing uses a strategy that allows you to only pay for potential customers that click on your ad, and not for those who only see it. In fact, there are no fees which are associated with placement of an advertisement on the results page of the search engine. This means that your shop will still be generating awareness of your brand, and it might not cost you anything to do so. After a potential customers clicks on your ad they may decide to save the URL on their computer and come back another time to visit your site. They can also forward link they saved to their friends or other people they know who may be in need of your services.

In today’s economy tracking every single dollar you spend for marketing is vital. A pay per click marketing campaign allows you to do just that. Everything dollar can be measured based on conversions. For instance, sales and leads can be measured down to the exact ad and keyword levels so that you can differentiate between the performing and the non-performing ads. To learn more about our pay per click marketing strategies or any other auto repair shop marketing strategies we offer contact us today for a free strategy session!